{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 4: How to Sell Your Courses on Amazon with Maxine Clancy

The usual day to day business for a coach is one-on-one personalised communication. Thus, expanding your business and reaching a wider audience is a ‘head-scratcher’ that every coach faces. Good news! Online courses can actually help you do that. Maxine, a transformational relationship coach, is sharing with us her success of expanding her reach as […]

{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 3: Your Message to Inspire with Jelena Dimitrijević

Building an attractive authentic brand can be a real challenge. It actually heavily relies on the person building it and the personal message the brand carries. Discovering that message and articulating it well is something that can anchor the success of your personal brand/business. Our guest today, Jelena, began her own journey of discovery when […]