It’s OK for YOU to be Successful!

When you are building your empire, it’s so important to have your mindset right. Even more when you are just starting and you are full of doubt, fears, limiting beliefs and often times, your loved ones and friends are not helpful at all. Give yourself permission to BE whatever you want to be! Affirmations are […]

All You Have to Do is Feel Good

We’ve talked about raising your vibrations and attracting the energy we are… And the key to do is to FEEL GOOD. When you feel good, you attract good things in your life. When you feel good, you do everything with ease and flow. everything just comes effortlessly to and for you. Your only “job” is […]

Raise Your Vibration

How many times you wanted something, but the more you wanted it, the more you struggled? You did everything to get it, including getting obsessed with this thing? But… instead of receiving it, you were left empty handed. Not because it was not the right thing for you, or the right time (although that could […]

Count Your Miracles

Have you started your gratitude journal? Now add another one! You can use the same notebook, a new one, you can use jar or box or anything where you will keep count of gifts and miracles you receive. You can call it Manifestation Diary, Miracle Journal or Magic Box, whatever you want, but keep it magical. This […]