It All Starts With YOU

Find the need, they say. Decide on your market, they say. Choose your niche, they say. Serve your customer. Go live.. Have a group. Build a list. Start Youtube channel. Post on all social media. Create funnels….. And I agree with them… to some extent. And you should definitely do those… at some point. But […]

The Real Secret To Manifestation

You’ve probably heard about Law of Attraction and all the other laws governing our world. You’ve read (or seen) The Secret, Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill and other great books…   … but you still don’t get what you want 🙁   Let me share with you the real secret behind the secret 🙂   It’s […]

Love Yourself First!

Sounds so simple. And really makes so much sense. If only… … we wouldn’t care for others so much. … we wouldn’t listen to others. … we wouldn’t put others first. … we wouldn’t give away our voice. … we wouldn’t question everything we do. … we wouldn’t doubt our abilities and values. … we […]

You are Your Story

Words have power. And when you say things to yourself like “I can’t…”, “I never…” or “I always…” you are repeating your story all over again, keeping your stuck in the situation, where you “can’t”. Everything starts with your beliefs. And they can help you or ruin you. It’s your choice! If you believe it will […]