Create Loving Rituals

In those moments, when things go wrong, when you forget how awesome you are and you start loosing yourself in the downward spiral of negative thoughts… What do you do? How do you pick yourself up?   Journal about it Write about moments, when you feel good about yourself, when you are happiest, when you […]

Celebrate Your Life!

You can tell your life story as series of tragic, unfortunate events or like a lessons you learned from that events, how you’ve risen from them and grew even bigger and better. It can be tragedy or comedy, drama or inspiration.     Imagine you are 90 years old and you are receiving life award. […]

Love Your Body!

I’m sure if I ask you to tell me what’s wrong with your body, you could talk to hours. We are so conditioned to see what should be different, that we don’t appreciate what we have. Journal about it Today I’m asking you to write in your JOURNAL everything that’s right, everything that you are […]

Forgive Yourself!

When you can’t change the past, change your attitude about it;)     Let go of the past mistakes, what you have done or have not done, what you have said or not, stop blaming and shaming yourself, go past your anger, fear or frustration.Take responsibility for your actions, whether they are right or wrong. […]