{DreamLIfeCreation} One habit

Change just one habit at the time

If you are anything like me, you read a lot. Books, articles, blogposts.. I’m soaking information and tips and advices how to be better person, better mother, better wife, better businesswoman… And the worst thing is they all make sense, most of them at least. Sometimes I wonder why the hell didn’t I think of […]

Believe it before you see it!

Did you notice how many people say »I’ll believe it when I see it.« when they are faced with something new, unfamiliar or strange to them. While this can be true for certain situations, there are many more when this can’t apply. But how do you do that? When you are faced with some new […]
{DreamLifeCreation} Are your dreams blocking you?

Are your BIG dreams blocking you?

They say: If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough. But what if it’s too big? Too scary? What if your big dream is actually paralyzing you? I’m huge advocate of dreaming big, and biggger, even bigger. Yet some time ago I changed my approach. Wanna know why? I was discussing my big […]