{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 7: Eliminate Limiting Beliefs with Lenny Suijkerbuijk

Depression – a rabbit hole most of us tumbled down at least once, if not repeatedly. How to get out of it and stay out for good? Lenny Suijkerbuijk talks to us about how to manage your emotions, breakthrough the mental obstacles and transform your life. Today Lenny shares her story on how she fought depression and not […]

What Does SUCCESS Mean To You?

Everyone wants to be successful, right. But what does it really mean? How will you know you are successful? When will you reach success? How do you measure it? With money, number of followers on social media, the size of your list, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the office you sit in, […]

{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 6: Take Control of Your Eating with Gina Mann

As a woman, haven’t you been on a roller coaster of yo-yo dieting? Stuck in this hamster wheel of trying all these different diets, different exercises, different detox regimes to look like other ‘beautiful’ and ‘skinny’ people do. Certainly, I have… Gina Mann says, that we do not have to suffer like this. She has […]

When You Know It Will Hurt, And You Still Do It…

How many times you did something you knew it’s bad for you? Bad for your health? Your family? Your business? Not bad choice where you thought everything will be ok, but being aware of the consequences and still going ahead, ignoring all the red flags, all the bad experiences from the past… I admit, do […]

{Coffee Chat with Dream Life Creators} Episode 5: Embrace Your Inner Rebel with Petra Monaco

The ‘rules’ made up by society feels like pressure for all of us. Being a perfect friend, perfect spouse,  perfect parent… We all want that, but at what cost? Usually, the most people that look the most perfect are actually the most unhappy. Rebel,  a word that has many bad connotations. Can it be seen […]

One Word Can Change Everything

Well, it was few words. A sentence. But not exactly my point here. When you feel stuck, the best is to DO NOTHING. We are programmed to take action, push forward, hustle, look at what we did wrong… but in the times, when you feel like you are not on your own path, the best […]