Facebook 101: DO’s for Online Marketers

We already covered 22 DON’Ts for Facebook, but the DO’s list is a bit shorter 🙂

Not because there are less things you can do than you can’t, but some of the don’ts already explained what you can do. In fact, there are only 3 rules you need to follow.


[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=40px color=#245bad ] BE REAL, GENUINE, HONEST and AUTHENTIC

Show your true self. Share freely and honestly. Be open about your life, your struggles and your wins. People value “normal” people like themselves, they look up to someone who overcame same problems they are having.

Don’t focus only on business, show your private life too (of course not so much it can harm you). You are selling yourself, your brand and your lifestyle, not the products and features. People don’t care about your product, they want to know WIIFM (what’s in it for me), they want to see results, changes, better life…

[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=40px color=#245bad ] GIVE VALUE

Whatever you post and share, it should give value to your friends’ lives. It can be an inspiration, something you find useful, or your expertise. Your posts are not about you, it’s about your friends.

Often I hear people say: “But if I give away too much, no one will buy from me.”

You can’t give away too much! Never ever! When you share great value, people will want more of what you have. People will ask for more personal connection and guidance, for more of your expertise. They will follow you and learn from you, they will recommend you and eventually they will buy from you or they will want to work with you.

[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=40px color=#245bad ] MAKE CONNECTIONS and FRIENDS

Your primary focus should be to create real connections with your friends. Send them birthday wishes. Like and comment their posts. “Talk” to them. The more you will connect with your friends, the more they will get to know you and they will want to help you, sharing your message and your offers.

Don’t make your business the only thing you offer them. You get to know many people on Facebook, try to connect them, recommend your friends’ resources… Always ask yourself, how you can help them. Be a friend, a human being first and businessman second!

Would you add anything else?


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