Hello! My name is Alenka Tercic and I’m thrilled that you stopped by.

A lot of people I talk to struggle to live their life for more meaning and fulfillment. Many see the problems instead the opportunities. They see barriers and limitations. They are living in fear and scarcity.

When we were growing up, we had this ideal life vision for ourselves, we knew all the hows and wheres and whats… But somehow we steered our lives into completely different direction. We end up running around, doing all the necessary stuff, talking only about kids and to-do lists, forgetting about the visions and dreams and what’s really important. We are getting more and more frustrated, desperate, overwhelmed… and the change sometimes feel so difficult when in reality we just need some support and encouragement to make it.

How do I know?

I’ve been there. I’ve lived my life as prescribed by my parents and society…

…study hard, get a job, find a husband, buy home, have kids…

And only after 10 years one day I realized that I’m not really living my life. I woke up to a job that I hated, with the boss that yelled at me, with more than few pounds too much and just enough money to get by. The kids were fighting all the time and I was an easy target, snapping and yelling on them. They were disrespectful, they didn’t do their homework and I was angry and frustrated.

One day after exhausting fight I just broke and cried for hours.

And that day I decided to get my life back.

I read books, I attended seminars, I studied hard (the one thing I really knew how to do it) and I was searching and digging.

Slowly the changes began to show within my family too. When I got more peaceful, the kids got calmer. When I was positive, the kids were happy. We enjoy time together. And it all began when I started to change and when I started to listen to ME.

I became the person I wanted to be.

You too can go from overworked, overwhelmed, stressed-out to being calm, positive and happy. When you change, the life will change – to the better.

Are you giving up your hopes and dreams to be »perfect to everyone« only to discover that you lost yourself in the way? You want to be positive, confident and vibrant again?

I can help you!

As a life coach and vision board counsellor (and business consultant and CFO in my previous life) I had my share of trainings. I’ve read thousands of books. But what count most is my personality and my energy. In few words, I’m:

I’m very caring, but also brutally honest. I tell it as it is. (Some people can’t handle it, so I better tell it upfront.) I’ll be your mirror, reflecting back your life with no stories or excuses.
I can see the big picture and I can empower you to think big. I’m good at planning and setting goals. I’m also very lazy… in a good way, of course. I always look for simple and easy rather than complicated. I choose to only do things that are getting me closer to my goals. I’m always simplifying, organizing and perfecting.
I’ll get you to actually do things. By taking one step at the time.
I have deep sense of empathy, and I’ll hold your hand during the changes.
I’ll cheer you up and be your back up.


Want to know even more about me?

I was raised with typical »study hard to get a good job« attitude. I am sure my parents wanted all the best for me, as they were the war kids and they got their share of hunger and suffering.

Although I always loved kids, playing, babysitting and teaching them I didn’t realize the possibilities of the good job let alone the rewards you get when you do what you really like.

I managed to get through my student years pretty smoothly, but after I graduated I found myself at the unemployment office. Those were years of political and economic transitions, end of Yugoslavia and establishment of new country. Many companies that worked for the Yugoslav market lost customers and I got my first job at the consulting firm that helped those companies. I guess what attracted me was the idea of helping people not to lose their jobs, to motivate them to try harder and to keep faith despite heavy circumstances.

At this time I earned my MBA from the Clemson University, South Carolina, USA.

I stayed in the consulting business for more than decade, but when my own kids went to school I wanted to be there for them and I accepted steady 9-5 job as a CFO and controller. But steady job meant boring too and I was really missing the interaction with the people.

In my free time I was constantly reading and learning all kind of self-help and self-improvement books to be a better partner, mother and friend. I was rediscovering my buried passion for kids and was constantly searching for ways to help children and parents to get the most out of their lives.

After reorganization of the company I found myself unemployed again, but this time determined to follow my dreams and to change my passion into my vocation.

I taught people, mostly parents and children about the universal laws at the workshops, seminars, coaching sessions and through my blog website The Best Children Lessons. I was a host of  Sparkling Kids Interviews, weekly show featuring experts, coaches and other interesting people that inspire and motivate. I am the author of “Playing the Life Lessons” workbook.

Although I started with children in mind, I soon realized that parents need as much (or even more) support. That’s why I created this webpage –

to encourage everyone to never forget their dreams and to follow their hearts.

I believe that my life experiences of raising my own children, setting and achieving goals and managing the change along with my supportive, positive and caring personality can make difference and empower people to live to their full potential.

I earned my Life-Coaching Diploma at the Advanced Life Coaching Institute. I am a Certified Vision Board Counselor and an Accredited Vision Card Reader.

I was awarded with the 2012 Vision Board Coach of the Year by the Vision Board Institute.

I am the founder and active member of Pay It Forward Slovenia movement and I strive every day to help and give to others whatever I can, even if it is just a smile or nice word… or a free hug.

I live in Ljubljana (Slovenia) with husband and our two teenage daughters, two bunnies and a dog. In my free time I like gardening, exercising, swimming and skiing and am always on the search for the good book. I enjoy travelling and meeting new people.


To your dreams,


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