What if your visions, dreams, and goals were in the same place as the action steps you need to take to get there?

If you are anything like me, you have shelves and drawers full of journals, diaries and empty notebooks, iPad packed with productivity, goal setting and tracking apps and countless of post-it notes all around. And you still feel lost.

This year alone I bought 4 journals and 2 notebooks to make my plans. But when I started to fill them, I realised, my thoughts and ideas are scattered around, my plans are in few different places and my to-do’s are everywhere.

While reviewing my 2014 I figured that I already have some sort of system in place. At the beginning of the month I review my previous month and goals for the next one. I review or make my 90-day plans and then weekly plans. Every Sunday I review my previous week and make plans for the next one. I write down the tasks and assignments and put them in the calendar. And I start each day with gratitude.

I figured if that’s how I do it, why can’t I have one place to put them all in? 

2017 Dream Life Mapy

Create your own Dream Life Map!

I call it a map, because it’s really a guide through the year, with stepping stones to get us from one place to another.

This map takes you from dreaming about your best year to actually taking monthly, weekly and daily actions to make it come true.


What do you really want? How do you want to be in 2016? How will your life be?

Explore your dreams!

Set intentions and goals for each area of your life. Imagine the end result.

Plan a year ahead. When will you take vacations?  Go to conference? When do you plan important milestones, dates, celebrations? Put them in the calendar.

Get more specific for next 90 days. Put in the calendar more detailed plans to achieve your goals.

Then move those steps into the month. Get even more specific in your weekly plan. Schedule most important tasks. Put your tasks into daily schedule and assign time to it.

When you chop down your goals into manageable, small-sized tasks, you will realise it’s absolutely possible to make them happen.

And the best part – you’ll have everything together, in one place!

No more different notebooks, journals, apps… no more post-it notes… no more confusion, overwhelm and procrastination!

With this planner, I don’t need any other product to plan my incredible 2017!

I really wanted to find a perfect planner this year. I wanted it to be business oriented but still colorful and also with life areas included. As a busy mom I need to think of so many things throughout the day and at the same time grow my business. Alenka’s Dream Life Map is so comprehensive I can use it as a content creation tool and meditation resource which makes me the most avid fan! I don’t need any other product to plan my incredible 2017!

Sunita Prodan Benolic

Have everything together, planned out with The Dream Life Map:

your vision and dreams

your possibilities and opportunities

your plans and goals

overview of your year, with important dates and plans (like holidays)

insights, reviews and plans for each month, week and day of the year

There is one BIG journal, which covers everything and takes you step-by-step through the year, month, week, and day. To make it easier to use (and print), I split the journal into different smaller files.

2017 Dream Life Map


With your full workbook (almost 300 pages!) you'll also receive separate workbooks:

workbook for your visions and dreams

2017 Dream Life Map - Dreams

goal setting and tracking workbook

2017 Dream Life Map - goals

journey through your year

2017 Dream Life Map - journey


Get 2017 Dream Life Map!

for only $17.95

NOTE: These are downloadable documents/files that you receive immediately after the purchase and because of that I can't offer the refunds. The preview of the Dream Life Map can be seen before purchase with the free templates.

To your amazing 2017!


p.s. Dreams can only be achieved if you consistently and persistently work towards them. And it doesn't have to be hard. One step a time is enough. If you need someone to hold you accountable to make those steps, why don't you SCHEDULE FREE SESSION with me to make actionable and manageable tasks to move forward.